About Us

giveaturn.org is a nonprofit association founded and managed by TakeTurns employees. Our mission is to support children in need via concrete actions in our communities. And contribute to developing an environment in which all children can thrive. As TakeTurns grows, so will giveaturn.org's ability to make a real impact on children's lives around the world.

TakeTurns is a startup in the B2B collaboration space founded in September 2021. Its founders and first employees wanted to make an impact through a charity program focused on children in need. That's why they decided to create giveaturn.org. The association was born in July 2022. You can contact us at info@giveaturn.org.

Who are our members?

Active members

Our active members are current employees of TakeTurns who volunteers to participate to the association and our actions.

Honorary members

Our honorary members are individuals who bring moral support to the Association, or who have rendered a notable service to the Association.

Benefactor members

Our benefactor members are individual or organizations who have made a significant donation to the association. Our first benefactor member is the company TakeTurns.

Our board

Our board is elected among our active members. Our current board is:


Mickael Chevalier


Christophe Barriolade


Fabien Bontemps


Matthieu Rocher

Our statutes

giveaturn.org is a French 1901 law association registered with the French Registre National des Associations under the number W763019880. You can read our bylaws here.
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