Back from our first action in Normandy, the Medieval Quest with 40 kids

October 10, 2022
For one day, the team has conducted its first action to support children in need. The objective of this action was to work on the inclusion of children with disabilities.

For one day, the team, in partnership with the association Les Chiens de Traineau du Bois Richard, has conducted its first action to support children in need.

The objective of this action was to work on the inclusion of children with disabilities.

On September 29, 2022, at the Andelys, close to the Château Gaillard, a class of 1st and 2nd graders from the school Guiseniers (27) and around twenty children from the Institut Médico Educatif d'Ecouis (27) gathered for a medieval quest: A real-life RPG on theme of knights that included all children and was adapted to their capabilities. (In France, the Institut Médico Educatif is a social and medical institute aimed at children and teenagers who suffer from mental disabilities.)

40 young knights saved the day!

Early in the morning, 40 kids arrived at the Bois Richard for a full day adventure. After a briefing on their quest, all children had to pass through the “corridor of time” and ended up in knight costumes, ready to save the kingdom of Richard Coeur de Lion (Richard the Lionheart) from the perfidious Jean sans Terre (King John of England, or John “Lackland”).

Our young knights being briefed on the upcoming adventure

We broke up the kids into six teams. Our members, along with the children’s teachers and educators, guided the kids through five challenges during the day. Each group earned “magic runes” by completing the following challenges: 

  • Tug of war (rune of strength), 
  • archery (rune of dexterity),
  • flags (rune of memory), 
  • dodgeball (rune of agility) 
  • and magic tricks (rune of magic).
The team ready to welcome our 40 little knights

In addition to the team, we were honored by the presence of two templars from the medieval association 1412. These historical interpreters provided a lot of anecdotes about the templar order, historical background, and fun for everyone involved.

A templar standing before Château Gaillard
You better listen to Ganpoux des Andelys 😉

Having successfully completed the challenges, all teams gathered in front of the beautiful Château Gaillard, the historical landmark of the region. All the runes they gathered allowed them to arm their champion with whom they went on a heroic charge to unlock a treasure hidden close by. They found the treasure which happened to be a huge sack of snacks.

The entire team in front of the Château Gaillard

What we’ve learned

Combining kids with or without disabilities has been a great experience.

After a few minutes in costumes and being immersed in the adventure, the differences between all the kids vanished. We think this might have been because everyone on the team was dressed in the same way and shared the same objectives. 

Our heroes gather at the end of the quest

For children with mental or physical issues, we’ve witnessed how such a day can have a positive impact on them. We were gratified by smiles, bursts of joy, curiosity, friendships and many more spontaneous reactions. In fact we heard back from parents and educators about the positive results.

While this won’t solve the difficulties of our children who have disabilities, we did our best to offer them a unique moment. And the kids gave us back more, as we had a great time and learned a lot. This was a rewarding experience for our first ever action. We are already looking forward to organizing more actions and continuing our mission.

A lot of thanks to…

  • Allan and his team for welcoming us to the Bois Richard and sharing their invaluable experience
  • Ganpoux des Andelys and Jean de Gaillon, our templars from the association médiévale 1412
  • The team of the Guiseniers school
  • The team of the Institut Medico Educatif of Ecouis
  • Pascale and Carmen, our seamstresses
  • Gisèle from OCLA for lending the team costumes
  • Judit for making the swords
  • Leïla and Pauline our photographs
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